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Lightning Protection

Thunderbolt provides a fully comprehensive range of Lightning Protection from initial Risk Appraisal, Design to completion and Certification.

The age-old myth that only tall buildings are subject to direct lightning strikes has been dispelled. The necessity for lightning protection over the past decade has been identified, and the actual design and construction of a building is acknowledged to be of key significance. The latest edition of BS62305:2006 incorporates a new wave of design criteria, introducing such features as pile foundations, reinforced concrete columns, structural steelwork, external metal cladding and surge protection which now forms part of any risk assessment carried out.

A correctly designed and installed lightning protection system should safely conduct a lightning charge to earth, whilst causing minimum damage to a structure. Designs can be a simple electrode based system or more complex lattice mat and plate with "Bentonite" clay arrangements.

It is strongly recommended that all Lightning Protection Systems are tested and inspected at fixed intervals, preferably not exceeding 12 months. However, it may advantageous in selecting a period conductive to seasonal changes; i.e. every 11 months.

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